The Story


'Rudy's Regina Beach' started in 2005 after a revealing walk in the beautiful hills of Kinookimaw by Lori Zak.


Rudy was Lori's father, a wonderful, kind man who passed away in 1993.

Lori was doing some soul-searching in the hills at Kinookimaw, when she heard Rudy's voice tell her to open up a little store at Regina Beach.  So, she decided to follow her gut and just go ahead and do it!  With the support of her husband, John (aka 'the gardener/handyman')  Rudy's was born.

Lori's eye for aesthetically unusual, fun and funky items have crafted Rudy's into a rare gem of a store.  Customers travel from far and wide to see what has been collected from around the world...

We hope you enjoy the products. They are brought to you with love and joy.