Rudy's Goes to Bali January, 2019 February 13 2019

When we arrived in Denpasar, the first thing we noticed was the smell.  A mixture of flowers and incense and ocean.  A full-on sensory extravaganza that has been imprinted on my brain, that will hopefully remain and be called forward whenever I think of this beautiful place.  

We were there for business, to hunt down unusual items for Rudy's, but we couldn't help stopping to smell the flowers that were everywhere!  The Balinese culture is rich and beautiful and soaked in Hinduism.  The people are friendly, gracious, and kind, and so willing to share their lives and beliefs with us.  We enjoyed seeing and experiencing the landscapes and ceremonies with these generous hosts.


And the shopping!!! The art and crafts and furniture were everywhere, and we were amazed at the talent of the artisans. They draw inspiration from nature, spirituality and their surroundings, and we were astounded by the patient and hard-working nature of the artists, working long hours in extreme heat to create beauty for others to enjoy.

Needless to say, we blew the budget! 

 We hope our customers like what we found! It was a joy to search!