"A Day At The Beach" Featuring: Rudy's June 04 2016


Stay tuned for details! Includes prizes from: Rudy's, The Blue Bird Cafe, The Ugly Mug, Chachalacas Mexican Cuisine, Regina Beach Golf Club, The Waterfront Beach Bar & Grill, Offshore Beach ShopPura Vida Hair Co, W.O.W Rentals and Sundae Times.


Today's Featured Business: Rudy's

            At first glance, the building that houses Rudy’s understates the promise of treasure to be found within, much like a clam that conceals a glittering pearl. An Om symbol (ॐ) artfully spray-painted on the face of the store suggests to those familiar with its origins that Rudy’s offers goods collected from the far corners of the world, while also sending a message of peace.

            As you pull open the door, the scent of Nag Champa greets your nostrils first, followed by a sense that everything is as it should be in an intimate little store that is packed from ceiling to floor with a collection of merchandise so diverse that everyone – young and old – can unearth a treasure of their own. Where will your eye take you first? What is it that you are in search of?

            The thing that makes Rudy’s truly welcoming isn’t simply the music that has you swaying to the rhythm, it is the warm reception you receive from Lori and her tribe of women who have genuinely missed you over the winter months and are thrilled to see you at the beach once again! All of Rudy's patrons, from the townies who stop by on the regular, to the family members only visiting, and the weekenders from the city, are cherished, for it takes all sorts to build the rich and diverse community that they envision. And they are grateful to have you with them.

Rudy's is open every day from 11 am to 7 pm.


The walls, adorned with wooden carvings of Polynesian-style masks and nautical anchors interspersed between vibrant tapestries and beachy signs – “the Lake is Calling and I Must Go” – capture your attention. Wind chimes and fabric bags hang from the ceiling. A stone Ganesha and wooden owls peer up at you from the floor. And you haven’t even stepped into the racks of clothing packed with boho-inspired outfits, colourful pants, and patchwork shirts!

As you move around the store, your eyes, unable to take everything in at once, travel from shoes… hats… purses nestled into a corner amongst sparkling crystals, precious gems and glowing salt lamps. A second trip around may reveal a showcase of jewelry that had gone unseen, or a stand of wooden ornaments. It's a tantalizing treasure hunt, indeed.