4th Annual Regina Beach Arts Frenzy 2014 September 25 2014

This year we raised money for an orphanage in Sudan that now houses 21 children. Because of the political situation of Sudan we cannot give out any specific information, however, the money we raised will be able to feed and clothe the children for the rest of the year.

Sandra Topinka opened the festival with a beautiful singing bowl blessing and smudge.

Although the weather was a little on the damp side this year we still had an excellent turnout for vendors, performers, and customers.

Belly Dance with Linda came out and did a wonderful interactive performance that had the audience shimmying right along with them! https://www.facebook.com/bellydancewithlinda

Thank you to Ashley and Cathy for doing the kid's crafts in the afternoon and leading the children down to the beach for the dusk lantern parade for a healing ceremony around the Mother Tree.

As always, the fire show was amazing and brought out a huge crowd! Thank you to Kelly and Rhonda for their fire duet and to Tribal Vibes Wildfire. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tribal-Vibes-Wildfire-Productions-Inc/416398015093474

Thank you to all of our sponsors and new and returning vendors for making our festival possible every year!

To check out more of the action from this year's festival see our facebook page!