5th Annual Regina Beach Art Frenzy 2015 October 27 2015

This year we raised $1000.00 for Mamas4Mamas, an organization based in Regina headed by Erin MacCauley-Davalos. Erin is hand-delivering this money to Honduras, Central America, and it will be used to buy kits for mother and baby care.  We are so honored to be supporting Erin in her endeavours.  For more info, see www.mamas4mamas.ca

Sandra Topinka opened the festival with a beautiful prayer bowl meditation.

The weather co-operated for us during the day, and we had a great afternoon of shopping the many vendors, getting henna tattoos, and enjoying readings by various seers and card readers. Casey and Adria from Dancing Dragons performed some amazing feats of juggling, hula-hooping and shenanigans for us to enjoy. See www.facebook.com/dancingdragonsltd. The Sunday Arts Market (SAM) created some amazing painted faces and other artistic wonders. See www.facebook.com/Sam-Galleries. Cathy and Ashley of Regina Beach World of Water Rentals lead the kids in crafts, creating some beautiful lanterns for the sunset parade. 

There were some fantastic tunes throughout the day provided by Regan Hinchcliffe, Myla, Keiffer McLean, and various other musicians that jammed, drummed, sang and danced. Special thanks to Sifo and Simo from Chung Wah for their impromptu music set.

Our evening show began with Chung Wah doing a demo that got us all out of our seats and warmed up for the chilly night ahead.  They performed a beautiful Tai Chi demo put to music and the Dragon Dance was amazing!  Tree Dragon performed a mystical music set just after dusk, and the evening concluded with Fire Dancing with Kelly and Rhonda, and Tribal Vibes Wild Fire. See www.facebook.com/Tribal-Vibes-Wildfire-Productions.

 Thanks to our sponsors, vendors, performers and volunteers, the 5th Annual Art Frenzy was a screaming success!  For more photos of the fun, check out our Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/ReginaBeachArtsFrenzy