Regina Beach Arts Frenzy

Every August, Rudy's and the local businesses throw an art and music festival.

We pick a new cause to donate any profits to and help our amazing arts community get together and get some exposure.

The Arts Frenzy is always an incredible time! 

2010: "Beach Fest" raised money for The KC Holgate Memorial Skateboard Park

2011: 1st Annual Regina Beach Arts Frenzy raised money for The Regina Beach Waterfront Restoration Initiative

2012: 2nd Annual raised money and awareness for Angels of the Amazon

2013: 3rd Annual raised money for The Freedom Climb, and brought awareness to the problem of human trafficking around the world and in our own communities. Learn more at

2014: 4th Annual raised money for an orphanage in Sudan.

2015: 5th Annual raised money for Mamas 4 Mamas, a local, grassroots initiative dedicated to supporting maternal and infant health projects in under-served populations around the world.  The money we raised is earmarked for Honduras, Central America.


Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our wonderful causes these past 5 years.